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London Independent Health Advocacy Service - how to get in touch
London Independent Health Advocacy Service

If you want to make a complaint to the NHS, we are here to help you.

Self Injury Support resources
Self Injury Support is still here for you
Domestic Violence Support
Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources
Bereavement Support
Free Programme in Talking for Wellbeing
What's the idea?
It’s important to take care of our emotional wellbeing, just as it is to take care of our bodies. One way of doing this is to connect in a truthful and empathic way with others.
Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to take care of their wellbeing and support others.
What are your next steps?
Join us ONLINE for a Taster. Then you can:
  • Join a TALK FOR HEALTH CAFE; continue talking for wellbeing and gain communication skills.
  • Sign up for our in-depth 4-day Talk for Health Programme, online.
  • Follow these with ongoing groups for strong peer networks.
It’s all FREE and is commissioned by the NHS. You will learn and have space for:
  • Honest talking – being the real you
  • Empathic listening
  • Basic counselling skills
  • How to set up and be part of an ongoing group to talk for wellbeing.
Find out what we’re about and join us for our next Taster on Wednesday 20th May from 6-8pm.
Sign up to a Taster here or for more information about who we are and what we do, you can subscribe to our newsletter by sending us an email at
Find out more by taking a look at our flyer:
Coronavirus and COVID-19: Caregiving for the Elderly
Resources to support us during the coronavirus pandemic, and to cultivate inner courage to respond with compassion and equity