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Kundalini yoga
In partnership with Guru Ram Das Project
This course is an introduction to Kundalini Yoga, also called the Yoga of Awareness. Practising yoga regularly can alleviate stress, increase calm and emotional balance, improve vitality and strengthen resilience. You don’t have to be flexible or strong and
you don’t need any prior experience.
Expect a gentle mix of breathwork, movement, sacred sound and meditation. We will work on chairs throughout, though will also demonstrate how exercises could be done on a yoga mat.
Introduction to spirituality and wellness
We can move closer to an experience of wellness by regularly spending moments doing something that fulfils us and gives us a sense of wellbeing, joy, satisfaction and connection.
This course aims to facilitate a deeper sense of wellbeing through a variety of practices which show ‘spirituality’ is accessible to anyone and unique to each person. By simply doing something that gives us joy and peace we may connect more deeply with ourselves, with others and nature.
On this course we seek to demonstrate and practise heightening our awareness and generating peace, joy and fulfilment in spite of our external circumstances and personal challenges.
Green prescription: growing plants
In partnership with Castlehaven Community Association
Gardening is a source of relaxation, comfort and enjoyment for many people. It can give us a valuable sense of continuity, and the realisation that no matter what, life goes on. Even if things are not the way we would have planned them, we can still make things work.
These videos will explore how growing plants at home can give us something to look forward to and how it can help to build resilience. By learning practical gardening tips and skills, we aim to help you to develop creativity, and reduce stress and anxiety during periods of social isolation.
Session one: Learn how to care for houseplants
Session two: Learn how to grow your own vegetables & herbs
Getting a good night's sleep
We all want to enjoy good sleep and quality of sleep is as important as quantity.
These course videos are designed to help you if you are currently experiencing problems with your sleep. We will look at the importance of having a sleep routine, some of the issues that can stop us having good sleep and share tips to help you sleep better.
Food for wellbeing
Several research studies suggest that what we eat and drink affects not only our physical health, but how we think, feel and behave - our mental and emotional wellbeing.
During this course we will look at food habits that promote good health and wellbeing. We will also look at how to identify the difference between physical hunger, and the patterns we fall into which use food to cope with our emotions.
This course is an opportunity to find out more about mindful eating and its benefits in daily life.
These simple yet powerful approaches to food could support you to make small, meaningful changes to your eating habits and choose foods that are known to nourish our bodies and boost our mental and emotional wellbeing.
Exercise to feel good
This course offers the opportunity to explore how to build activity into your daily life, and explore the connection between exercise and mental and physical wellbeing.
Students will have the chance to explore online resources for exercise, as well as learning how to incorporate physical activity into your daily life without any IT or exercise equipment – using things you would find at home.
All students should be willing to engage in physical activity, working at their own level and pace. Dress comfortably for physical activity.
Dealing with debt
When debt becomes a problem it can create difficult feelings and have a negative impact on our mental health. We may feel too stressed to deal effectively with our debt, which can make the situation worse.
In this video, we’ll talk about what to do and what not to do if you are in debt, and explain the difference between priority and nonpriority debts. We’ll suggest practical ways of dealing with debt and the pros and cons of disclosing a mental health condition to creditors. We will also provide details of organisations that can help.
Coping with anxiety toolbox
Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life but becomes a problem when it is frequent, overwhelming and stops us doing the things we’d like to be able to do. We can all develop skills to manage our anxiety by learning and practising different coping techniques. In these videos we will introduce some of the techniques we can use to help us manage our anxiety.

Pre-recorded video course – For more information and booking please click here.

Brown Therapist Network - A south Asian network & therapy services

The Brown Therapist Network is a learning hub promoting knowledge of south Asian mental health.

We offer therapeutic services from a range of accredited professionals. Our team is all south Asian and we pride ourselves on having professionals from a range of disciplines in the therapeutic field. We recognise sometimes clients do wish to be matched on ethnicity or cultural background and we want to help bridge that gap.

We welcome all South Asian therapists, ranging from a number of disciplines including psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors and coaches. We have come together to decolonise mental health, emphasis south Asian mental health and grow together, as a community, in the process.

Click here to find out about our therapeutic services.

Healthy Minds Programme Jan-March 2022