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‘Reach In, Reach Out’ podcast series

The new ‘Reach In, Reach Out’ podcast series from International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) aims to encourage understanding around the complexities of suicide, reduce the stigma surrounding the topic and spark meaningful conversations.

Join Professor Rory O'Connor and guests Professor Jane Pirkis and Professor Michiko Ueda-Ballmer for the first episode as they discuss suicide prevention in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listening Books
Listening Books has a huge library of audiobooks and are open to any one (adult and child) who lives in the UK and has a mental health condition.  People can listen at their PC or via an app on a phone or tablet. 
How Audiobooks Can Benefit People With Mental Health Conditions  
  • They can help rest a busy mind  
  • They can calm feelings of anxiety 
  • They can be used for much needed down time  
  • They can help clear and focus your mind on just one thing  
  • They can help to quiet that inner voice and mute the internal dialogue  
  • If people are feeling negative, angry or upset they can choose an uplifting or humorous audiobook to distract from feelings of emotional pain  
  • They give you the opportunity to relax your eyes, while you listen instead 
  • A learning tool, people can listen to books about a certain condition  
  • They can be used as a sleep aid to relax a whirring mind  
Why Listening Books?
  • Over 9000 audiobooks 
  • No long wait times 
  • We are a charity 
  • Heavily subsidised membership fee - and free memberships available to those that need them! 
  • Audiobooks that cover the National Curriculum and a growing health and wellbeing section 
  • Podcasts, author interviews, competitions and more 
  • Access to 1000's of newspapers and magazines that you can see and listen to at no extra fee 
  • Online (FB) book group 
Visit our website to see more
Free Creative Writing Guide for Survivors

You can download a PDF of the guide here. It’s designed to be viewed on the web, so you don’t need to print it.  Please share widely, as we’d like to make this as accessible to whomever needs it.

Advice for Eating Out with Calorie Labelling

From April 2022, new laws in England will mean many businesses that serve food will have to put information about calorie content on their menus. We know that many people with eating disorders will find this makes an already challenging situation harder, so we’ve put together the guidance below to support you with dining out when the new laws come into effect.

The Healthy Minds, Healthy Relationships Personal Development Group
Healthy Minds April – June 22 Programme
Notable additions to the programme are:
  • A 10 – week Creative storytelling workshop starting on April 6th
  • Our popular 12-week Healthy Relationships course starting 28th of April  
  • A comedy workshop starting on the 9th of May
  • Our 8-week Foundling Museum art club beginning June 8th
  • A 5-week pottery course beginning 10th of June
All of the above in addition to our regulars: Gardening Group, Outsiders United Football club (LGBTQI+), Walking group, Yoga, Badminton & Film club.
About Self Harm

Mind have published a guide that explains about self-harm, including possible causes and how you can access treatment and support. It includes tips for helping yourself, and guidance for friends and family.

Black Gay and Bisexual Men's Emotional Support Group