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If you have experienced mental health problems or care for someone who has, this site is for you.

This website has information about local mental health and wellbeing support services in Camden.

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Listening Books

Listening Books has a huge library of audiobooks and are open to any one (adult and child) who lives in the UK and has a mental health condition.  People can listen at their PC or via an app on a phone or tablet. 
How Audiobooks Can Benefit People With Mental Health Conditions  
  • They can help rest a busy mind  
  • They can calm feelings of anxiety 
  • They can be used for much needed down time  
  • They can help clear and focus your mind on just one thing  


Self-compassion for parents, two online sessions

Parenting can be hard for all of us. This course will show you how to be kinder to yourself when you feel guilty or stressed and will teach you some skills you can use in your day-to-day life as a busy parent.

Nurturing self-compassion, two online sessions

This course is for everyone who wants to develop a more caring relationship with themselves.
It will identify the benefits of being more compassionate and caring to yourself, especially when life becomes challenging.
We will look at how self-compassion can help you to respond to suffering and stress with kindness, understanding and care, as well as how to integrate brief practices in your daily life.