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If you have experienced mental health problems or care for someone who has, this site is for you.

This website has information about local mental health and wellbeing support services in Camden.

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Reforming the Mental Health Act - give your views

We’d like to know your views on proposed changes to the UK Mental Health Act (MHA) to help put patients at the centre of decisions about their own care.
These changes are designed to make things better for patients, families and carers who are affected by mental health issues. 
The changes are important, because they might affect you or a loved one at some point. 

Inquiry into Racial Inequality of Workers in Health & Social Care

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission launched a statutory inquiry into racial inequality in health and social care, triggered by the pandemic. EHRC want to understand the experiences of ethnic minority people working on the frontline in lower-paid roles (if you are from an ethnic minority, you have worked with lower-paid ethnic minority workers, you offer health and social care services, or you are an organisation providing support to workers).


Nurturing self-compassion

This course is for everyone who wants to develop a more caring relationship with themselves and identify the benefits of being compassionate and caring to self, especially when life becomes challenging. We will look at how self-compassion can help you to respond to suffering and stress with kindness, understanding and care and how to integrate brief practices in your daily life.
This course is also available as pre-recorded videos.

Living well with a long-term condition

The emotional aspects of living with physical health problems can impact our mental wellbeing and our ability to live well. On this Recovery College course we will explore the emotional and psychological aspects of living with a long-term health condition, and the connection between physical and mental wellbeing. We will look at the changes caused in your life from having a long-term condition and the areas you would like to improve. Finally, we will explore a range of strategies and resources that others living with a long-term condition have found helpful.

Coping with Covid webinar

BEH and C&I together with Recovery Colleges present: Online weekly webinars to help you in your recovery from Covid-19
The effects of COVID have been wide ranging for all our communities. This webinar series will reflect on this and support your wellbeing at this time. The series brings together health experts in

Art and Flow online course

This course will introduce students to the concept of "flow", otherwise known as "being in the zone". We will then explore together how creative processes and art can lead to a state of flow and wellbeing.
This Recovery College course is at a beginner level, with no prior art experience required - we will aim to create a safe and supportive learning environment to explore our creativity.
Students will require paper and a handful of  coloured pens or pencils.