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Bipolar UK's Free Mood App

Introducing Bipolar UK's new Mood Tracker app
The new Mood Tracker app can make it much easier to record your daily mood, medications, emotions and how much sleep you’ve had, allowing you to:
  • track your mood and sleep patterns over weeks and months
  • spot any early warning signs of a relapse
  • collect data to share with your family and healthcare team
  • All your data is completely private as it’s stored on your device and not shared with anyone else.


Men’s space

This programme aims to support and empower men to develop confidence, improve their health and enhance their feelings of wellbeing.

Psychosis: ways of understanding the experience

The experience of ‘psychosis’ is more common than you may think.
But what does ‘psychosis’ mean and how do you live with and perhaps beyond it?
This introductory course aims to address this question by presenting balanced responses from different approaches.
We will compare and contrast different ways of and perspectives for understanding the origins of psychosis.
We will then explore helpful ways of living with these experiences and moving forward with various support options.

Tree of life

The ‘Tree of life’ uses the metaphor of a tree to explore the strengths and resources we use throughout our life’s journey.
Each part of the tree indicates a part of our story; the roots signify where we have come from, the trunk represents our values and strengths, the branches are our hopes and dreams, the leaves are significant people in our lives and the fruit and flowers represent gifts we have given to and received from others.