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If you have experienced mental health problems or care for someone who has, this site is for you.

This website has information about local mental health and wellbeing support services in Camden.

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Brown Therapist Network - A south Asian network & therapy services

The Brown Therapist Network is a learning hub promoting knowledge of south Asian mental health.

We also offer therapeutic services from a range of accredited professionals. Our team is all south Asian and we pride ourselves on having professionals from a range of disciplines in the therapeutic field. We recognise sometimes clients do wish to be matched on ethnicity or cultural background and we want to help bridge that gap.

Racism and mental health

If racism is affecting your mental health, Mind are here for you. Our information can help you understand the impact of racism – and choose how and where to seek help. If you're finding it hard to get the support you need, our tips can help you find a way forward.


Building your assertiveness toolbox

Assertiveness is the quality of being self-assured and confident without being aggressive. It is a way of communicating your rights and needs in a balanced and respectful manner while also considering the rights of others.

Understanding and coping with anxiety

What is anxiety? These sessions will help you to understand anxiety better.
In session 1 we will explain where anxiety comes from, what purpose it serves and how it can affect us.
In session 2 we will look at the different ways we can experience anxiety and how we feel when we are in an anxious state.
In session 3 we will suggest ways to manage these feelings to help us cope with our anxiety better.

Alone but not lonely

The benefits of spending time with others are well understood and as a result it can seem like being alone is a poor second choice.
But is being by ourselves always a bad thing - or can it sometimes be beneficial for our mental health? On this course, we will spend time exploring what it means to be alone and if this always has to feel negative. You will have an opportunity to discover what level of being alone feels right for you and how to make the most of this precious time.

How to cope with traumatic events

This course is a chance for you to explore what ‘trauma’ - including relational trauma - is and if you have experienced it. We will outline the differences and similarities between traumatic and stressful events and discuss what can help and supports your recovery and wellbeing, looking for ways of dealing with it more compassionately.