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Long Covid survey

8 December 2022

The Community Links team at VAC are working with the University of Southampton to facilitate a study into Long Covid. If you had, or think you had, Covid 3 or more months ago and yet continue to experience symptoms that are not explained by any other health conditions the study would like to talk to you about your experiences.

Symptoms can include, but are not limited to: exhaustion, memory or concentrations issues, breathlessness, persistent headaches and muscle aches, chest tightness, palpitations, dizziness and sleep disturbance.

As a token of appreciation there is a £15 shopping voucher available for participation.

The Community Links team at VAC can also assist Camden residents with access to the long covid clinic at UCLH.
For further information please contact Nasrin at or Donna Clutterbuck at or call/text  "Long Covid Research’’ on 07721520243.