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Overcoming agoraphobia – a self help manual

This manual has been written to help you overcome your problems and should only be used in addition with seeing your therapist on a weekly basis. There are 7 sections of this manual and although most people will want to work through it section by section, each section can be read on its own.

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Phoenix Wellbeing and Recovery Programme
Tax Break For Healthcare Workers​
When it comes to tax refunds, it really doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in. Whether you're a nurse, midwife, physiotherapist or healthcare assistant, working in healthcare doesn’t mean the taxman should hold onto any more of your money than he’s supposed to. Spending – and even risking – your own life saving others shouldn’t mean losing out on the money you’re owed by HMRC. A lot of the time, though, you actually have to claim it back – and that’s what trips so many healthcare workers up.
The bottom line: if you’re taxed through PAYE and paying from your own pocket for travel to temporary workplaces, you’re in line for a yearly tax rebate. Even if you’re being reimbursed for some of your costs, you might still have a claim for the rest.
It doesn’t stop with work travel, either. The tax rules mean healthcare workers can claim refunds for a whole range of everyday, essential costs. Whether you work in private healthcare or the NHS, you should still be claiming back what you’re owed each year.
The Pocket Advocate

The Pocket Advocate is a free mental health self advocacy tool developed in consultation with Camden & Islington's NHS Foundation Trust. It provides users with a personalised document that clearly communicates their mental and physical health needs to others in an emergency situation. It can also be used as a day-to-day self management tool. The Pocket Advocate can be completed online and downloaded as a PDF. This can be retrieved by a user from their phone, emailed, printed and shared with others.

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Healthy Minds Winter Programme
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A Day Long Celebration of Wellbeing
CRN Support and Connect Year 2 Report