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30 Nov 2017

From 17 January to 21 March 2018, West Euston Partnership is running a free course on managin

23 Nov 2017

From the Guardian: Far from embracing the school run, most men are still trapped by rigid cultural notions of being strong, dominant and successful. Is it leading to an epidemic of unhappiness?

23 Nov 2017

From the 'i' News: It takes around 18 months for people with eating disorders to realise they have the condition, according to research from eating disorder charity

14 Nov 2017

Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STPs) set out the vision for planning and delivering care across England.

7 Nov 2017

A new NHS guide describes what you can expect to happen when your GP refers you to see a specialist or consultant, at a hospital or a community health centre.


2 Nov 2017
Commencing 10 November, the West Euston Partnership is offering a free, five-week Interview Skills Course, to h
26 Oct 2017
NHS Choices offers practical advice, interactive tools, videos and audio guides to
26 Oct 2017

Published 25 October 17 in the 'i' News, Maggy van Eijk writes about her experiences in the workplace of

12 Oct 2017

Co-inciding with 2017's World Mental Health Day, Rethink Mental Health have launched a new