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14 Jan 2021
Dear Camden resident,
22 Dec 2020
Many of us may find Christmas difficult this year, for lots of different reasons.
21 Dec 2020
This survey is about receiving support from mental health services by phone or online.
15 Dec 2020

This winter the Mental Health Foundation wants to get the nation out into nature and connecting with each other through their creativity.

From forests and rivers, to parks and gardens, to window boxes or even house plants, we can find nature wherever we are. Interacting with nature can be not just enjoyable, but also beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing.

19 Nov 2020
Checking in on your family, friends and colleagues during the coronavirus outbreak is more important than ever.
Sometimes we say we’re fine when we’re not. That simple act of asking again – ‘Are you sure you’re ok?’ – shows a genuine willingness to talk and listen, and can make all the difference.
10 Nov 2020
Bipolar UK collaborated with the National Centre for Mental Health (NCMH) at Cardiff University to organise a series of 3 self-management webinars.
3 Nov 2020

If you are finding it hard to cope and need to talk, we are just a phone call away. CALL OUR CORONAVIRUS SUPPORT LINE: 0808 196 3651

28 Oct 2020

We are now recruiting for our APPLE-Tree study! If you have problems with your memory and are interested, please email or phone one of our research assistants on 07823 685922 or 07823 685824.

26 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020

A granddaughter of a veteran has put together a useful guide of resources for veterans struggling mentally and financially.