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Creativity, nature and mental health activity

15 December 2020
Coronavirus may have kept us apart – but creativity and nature can bring us together.
From forests and rivers, to parks and gardens, to window boxes or even house plants, we can find nature wherever we are. Interacting with nature can be not just enjoyable, but also beneficial to our mental health and wellbeing.
Creativity, nature and mental health activity
So this winter the Mental Health Foundation wants to get the nation out into nature and connecting with each other through their creativity.
  • Get into nature and capture what you see by photography, sketching or painting.
  • If you can't get into nature, then colour in the tree template - you can print it out or colour it in digitally.
  • Share your creations on social media using the hashtag #ThrivingWithNature and tagging @mentalhealth on Twitter and @mentalhealthfoundation on Instagram and Facebook.
When you get out and about into nature make sure you are doing it in line with the Government advice which is designed to keep us safe. Remember that it is under constant review and will be different depending on where you live: more details and up to date information here.