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Henna Asian Women's Group

A fee may apply for this service
What do we offer? 

Henna Asian Women’s Group is a community-based organisation that was set up over 30 years ago by Asian women migrating from India, Pakistan and East Africa.

By participating in the various services, women who may otherwise be socially isolated can interact and engage with like-minded individuals with whom they may share certain customs, values and attributes. Over time the group has built a strong communication network, where they have developed friendships with one another and respect for each other’s differences.

Services include exercise classes, telephone befriending, advice and listening, one-to-one home visits.

For more information on the Henna Group or their functional skills/maths and Age Better sessions please follow the respective links. 

Who should use this service? 
Asian women. Services are offered in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.
What is the referral process for this service? 

Email or telephone

Charges Details 
Annual membership is £5, and most services are free or heavily subsidised.
Volunteer opportunities 
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