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Women and Health Camden - Counselling and Psychotherapy service

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A fee may apply for this service
What do we offer? 

Women and Health is a community-based health centre that delivers affordable complementary therapies and counselling to women in Camden through a range of projects and services.

Who should use this service? 
Our priority clients are those Camden women most disadvantaged and marginalised, though at Women and Health we recognise that many women live with stresses and strains that impact on their health, while often finding it hard to prioritise their own wellbeing. Our services are also open to male clients on Thursday and Friday from 5pm.
What is the referral process for this service? 

Complete and send enquiry form that can be accessed here:

Charges Details 
Our short-term counselling service is NHS funded and therefore it is free; there is a low-cost charge for the long-term service but clients will need to have had short-term counselling at Women & Health Camden first in order to access our long-term service.