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Voluntary Action Camden

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What do we offer? 
Voluntary Action Camden is a 'CVS' or Council for Voluntary Service.
Organisations such as ours are also known as an 'umbrella' or 'infrastructure' organisation.  Essentially, we are a charity that supports other charities and community groups to thrive in the London Borough of Camden.
We help new organisations to get started and we support establised organisations to achieve their aims. Our consultation services provide a space where groups can ask us anything, and our long established knowledge of local organisations, services and the local community allows for reliable and sustainable collaboration with other community groups as well as strategic bodies like Camden Council and the NHS. We also provide training, on-demand or in person, and offer specialist services such as social prescribing,  safeguarding and mental health.
Voluntary Action Camden is part of the rich tapestry of community services in the borough and is an anchor institution within the local eco-systems. As such, Voluntary Action Camden commands a positive working relationship with key strategic partners including London Borough of Camden and North Central London NHS. Voluntary Action Camden is also well positioned as a strategic leader and integrated in borough-wide decision making.
More recently, Voluntary Action Camden has been involved in informing public policy on Intergrated Care Systems (ICS), cost-of-living, Covid-19 response, and community safety, enabling an avenue for voluntary and community sector groups to get their voice heard and to build influence on the issues that matter to the communities they support.
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