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Talk for Health

A fee may apply for this service
What do we offer? 

In line with the latest guidance from the Government, Talk for Health will now be implementing social-distancing - which will mean moving our on-going groups and training to remote platforms.

Talk for Health was set up to teach the skills and attitudes that allow for more deeply connective talk between people. We help individuals talk more openly, listen more deeply and improve their communication skills. Our programmes are for anyone who wants to understand themselves better, become more effective communicators, enjoy greater emotional well-being, and hone their skills in supporting others.

We also offer one to one therapy and personal development workshops in an open, easy-to-understand and flexible way. 

NEW! July 2019 sees the launch of Talk for Health cafes:  a new, fast-track way to talk for wellbeing and, over time, learn the same skills and get the same emotional benefit as doing the four day course.

Who should use this service? 
Talk for Health is for anyone who wants to understand themselves better, enjoy greater emotional well-being, support others and build community bonds. Talk for Health is offered to individuals, organisations and corporate clients. 
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