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Refugee Therapy Centre

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What do we offer? 

The Centre provides psychotherapy, counselling and associated treatments to refugees and asylum seekers in their own language. The Centre endeavours to help people to deal with and overcome psychological problems in a creative, supportive and caring environment in which they can better understand their feelings and experiences. Through this support they are able to feel more content about themselves. We offer individual, couple, family and group therapy, as well as child and adolescent psychotherapy, based on an assessment of need. 

Who should use this service? 
Our central purpose is to help refugees and asylum seekers to feel empowered to deal with their psychological difficulties by providing specialist counselling, psychotherapy and support. Patients have the choice of receiving therapeutic support in English or in their own language. At the core of our work are refugees and asylum seekers themselves.
What is the referral process for this service? 

Self-referrals are taken by telephone, Wednesday - Friday. If English is not the preferred language, you may be able to speak with the centre in your own language. Other referrals are made by writing to the Clinical Director or completing the form

Volunteer notes 

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