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MOSAIC Sleep Service

This service is free
What do we offer? 

MOSAIC Sleep Service promotes good sleep behaviour for children with developmental concerns, disabilities and complex needs.

  • Parents/carers are initially invited to attend a one-off, 1.5-hour sleep information workshop offering basic guidance on preventing and managing sleep problems.
  • The service also offers one to one sleep counselling for children with developmental concerns and complex needs. For those parents/carers who have attended a sleep information workshop and require further individual sleep support, we offer sessions of one to one sleep counselling. This includes assessment of the child’s sleep problems, use of sleep diaries, and development of a personalised sleep programme. The sleep programme covers sleep hygiene, bedtime routine and suitable parent/carer responses to sleep problems.
  • Where sleep medication is required, appointments and reviews with a consultant psychiatrist within the sleep service is organised. Prescription of the medication is initiated and then shared with the family’s GP and paediatrician.
  • The service offers sleep consultation to other professionals (e.g. special schools, charities, social care, CAMHS workers) working with children with developmental concerns, disabilities and complex needs in Camden.


Dr Michelle Stott (Sleep Service Coordinator) 
Phone: 020 3317 3693 
Adam Smith (Sleep Service Administrator) 
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