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Minerva Project

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London boroughs
What do we offer? 

They provide enhanced, specialist support to women and girls over 15, with complex multiple needs who have committed a crime and are at risk of re-offending.

Clients are allocated a key worker for 18 months and have access to specialist interventions to support them with a range of needs around:

  • Domestic and sexual violence
  • Mental health
  • Emotional well-being
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Substance misuse
  • Parenting and family relationships
  • Education Training and Employment
  • Finances, benefit and debt                                         
What is the referral process for this service? 

Women can be referred to this service if they have the following needs:

  • Issues around mental health – a diagnosis is not required, issues can be undiagnosed, self-reported or suspected.
  • Drugs and/or alcohol use (past or present)
  • Domestic violence, sexual exploitation and/or general relationship issues (past or present) – again, these issues can be suspected rather than explicit.


  • Can be made if women only meet two of the abovementioned criteria 
  • Self-referral is available 


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