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This service is free
What do we offer? 
DePaul is an organisation that supports young people aged 16-25. We offer support to young people who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships. Our services are free and confidential and all staff are DBS checked. We are still available during the corona virus, mainly working with young people and families remotely. If you know of any young people who are having relationship difficulties at home and would benefit from our support then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
We provide the following services:
Meditation sessions - Our mediation sessions can be for young people who are at risk of leaving the family home or young people who have already left and want to redevelop relationships with their family, with the end goal of moving back home or developing a greater support network.
Housing Advice – We offer housing advice and support to young people by working with a wide range of partner organisations. This includes advice and support for issues with current accommodation, housing options, income or debt difficulties and accessing benefits. This can currently be done through telephone advice sessions.
Counselling – We offer 12 free counselling sessions with a volunteer counsellor. These are currently conducted through online or telephone sessions. A young person does not need to have housing problems to access this service.
Nightstop – We offer emergency accommodation in the spare rooms of trained and vetted volunteer hosts whilst we look for longer accommodation options. Where possible, Nightstop accommodation will currently provide a place for young people to stay both in the day and at night so that they can maintain social distancing where possible.