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Camden Resilience Network

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Community Resilience was identified as a key theme within Camden’s Local Care Strategy during a collaboration between service users, clinicians and care providers. This will be achieved by making better use of voluntary and community sector (VCS) services rather than relying on traditional models of care. The model for the Resilience Network was proposed and championed by people with experience of using mental health services because they believe it will help more people to live and thrive well in Camden.
This guide provides an overview of the Resilience Network that will commission a single contract model in the future. This guide was developed by commissioners, service providers and service users. It serves to inform people about the range of services that support people’s mental and physical wellbeing.
Purpose of Resilience Network
The purpose of the Resilience Network is to provide a network of services that support people in their community to achieve the key resilience outcomes. These are to ensure that people are better able to address and manage mental health needs themselves, can access the right support at the right time and take part in community life.
The Network builds on people’s strengths and enables people to follow their interests on their own terms. The Network offers promote and champion inclusion and make it easier for people with mental health needs to take an active role in their communities.
The Network is formed of a partnership of VCS organisations, Camden and Islington Foundation Trust (C & I), Tavistock and Portman, Commissioners and service users.
This partnership works together to improve pathways of support and develop a shared outcomes framework.
The key aims of this joint approach are:
  • Person-centred
  • Co-ordinated
  • Accessible
  • Preventative
  • Effective
  • Physical Activity

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