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Camden Resilience Network

This service is free
What do we offer? 
Camden’s commissioned Resilience Network, a collaboration between voluntary sector mental health providers, have created a new single point of access (SPA) to support Camden residents whose mental health is at risk. Working in partnership with Camden and Islington Foundation Trust, the Resilience Network SPA provides coordinated, person-centred and flexible community support, responding to service users’ self-defined needs. 
The service offered is flexible and person centred, responding to the individual’s self-defined need and ensuring that support is provided by organisations who are best placed to address the social determinants of mental illness. This may include:
  • Regular check-ins from a caseworker
  • Therapeutic support and coping strategies
  • Befriending 
  • Practical support (e.g. shopping, completing forms, provision of materials for activities at home)
  • Online groups and services
  • Linking to specialised Resilience Network individual support offers (employment support, peer mentoring)
  • Linking to wider council and community welfare and online support offers (e.g. pharmacy collection, cultural & faith support, specific interests). 
The single point of access is running alongside existing Resilience Network offers and not as a replacement for these. This additional support is being delivered by an increased staff team at Mind in Camden and Likewise and volunteers from across the Resilience Network who have specific skills and experience to offer.
As well as Resilience Network organisations, support may be provided from wider borough resources, such as community and mutual aid groups, befriending services, residents’ associations and non-mental health specific voluntary sector organisations.


Camden Resilience Network Response to Covid-19: Impact and Systems Change

Who should use this service? 
Patients receiving secondary care mental health services who have been identified as requiring a coordinated response to prevent deterioration.
What is the referral process for this service? 

You cannot self refer to this service.

Referrals to the SPA should be initially discussed with C&I’s liaison leads: Anne Marie Kay and Cerdic Hall. C&I’s liaison leads (Anne-Marie Kay / Cerdic Hall) or a Peer Coach will phone the client and complete a referral form. Referrals are triaged by two lead voluntary sector organisations, Mind in Camden and Likewise. Mind and Likewise “hold” the individual and coordinate support from caseworkers and other organisations.

Liaison Lead: Anne Marie Kay
T: 07810 551 290
Liaison Lead: Cerdic Hall
T: 07970198572
Email completed referral
forms to SPA: