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Camden Psychotherapy Unit

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A fee may apply for this service
What do we offer? 

CPU offers group and individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy to anybody who is seeking psychotherapy or looking for advice about which kind of psychological help would be best for them.  The service provides comprehensive, specialist consultations and long-term group and individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

What is the referral process for this service? 

Individuals may refer themselves to us directly. Please check the CPU website for further details.

Referrals can also be made by GPs, social workers, local hospitals and voluntary organisations.

Charges Details 
Free service to those who cannot afford to pay (i.e. people on income support or full-time students). For those who are able to pay something towards the cost of their therapy we charge low fees on a sliding scale.
Wait times and limits 
There is a general scarcity of this type of service and as it is open to people across London, there tends to be a high volume of referrals. CPU opens for referrals approximately every four months. Once accepted onto the waiting list, it can take about 2-3 months to start the consultation process.