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Money and mental health

Money and mental health are often linked. Poor mental health can make managing money harder, and worrying about money can make your mental health worse. Looking for information about welfare and benefits, and the form-filling that can accompany a claim, can also be a stressful experience. The document Help in Camden with welfare advice lists local organisations who may be able to help. 

Across the borough there are organisations that run money skills workshops. These include: Mary Ward Legal, West Euston Partnership and Camden Health Kick. Or, to read about news and events about 'money and mental health', enter some key words into the search box



Find out more

We all have times when life’s problems affect our mental health. Maybe you are feeling down and need a safe space to chat, or you would like to meet new people or try something different? This website lists over 100 groups in and around Camden, many offering free or low-cost activities. While some will help with a specific problem, others offer everyday activities to encourage us all to get out and about. Why not find what appeals to you. You can make a list of the groups that are of interest with ‘My Shortlist’.  
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