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Listening Books

11 May 2022
Listening Books has a huge library of audiobooks and are open to any one (adult and child) who lives in the UK and has a mental health condition.  People can listen at their PC or via an app on a phone or tablet. 
How Audiobooks Can Benefit People With Mental Health Conditions  
  • They can help rest a busy mind  
  • They can calm feelings of anxiety 
  • They can be used for much needed down time  
  • They can help clear and focus your mind on just one thing  
  • They can help to quiet that inner voice and mute the internal dialogue  
  • If people are feeling negative, angry or upset they can choose an uplifting or humorous audiobook to distract from feelings of emotional pain  
  • They give you the opportunity to relax your eyes, while you listen instead 
  • A learning tool, people can listen to books about a certain condition  
  • They can be used as a sleep aid to relax a whirring mind  
Why Listening Books?
  • Over 9000 audiobooks 
  • No long wait times 
  • We are a charity 
  • Heavily subsidised membership fee - and free memberships available to those that need them! 
  • Audiobooks that cover the National Curriculum and a growing health and wellbeing section 
  • Podcasts, author interviews, competitions and more 
  • Access to 1000's of newspapers and magazines that you can see and listen to at no extra fee 
  • Online (FB) book group 
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