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Highgate Newtown Community Centre Wellness Café

1 December 2021
Everybody is welcome at the new HNCC Wellness Café. There are three venues provided in partnership with local churches. The Wellness Café brings the community together in a fun and caring environment.
Along with lunch there are optional free activities, such as sewing sessions, creative writing, arts and crafts, diamond painting, cake baking, games and singing to name a few. Our 3 course nutritious lunches at the Café are only £2.50p.
Feel free to talk to others in confidence about any issue you may have (and there is no charge for visiting). People that attend our Wellness Café will find a great support network in place that’s there to help give positive and caring advice.
We welcome everybody in the community. Come along and give us a go! Feedback is welcome on what we do. This helps us create a warm and friendly environment.
We are always looking for volunteers to help with the services that we offer. If you can spare an hour a week, if you have a skill that could potentially be an activity, please do get in touch with us.