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Bipolar Commission Survey: Physical Health and Hospital Care

12 November 2021
The Bipolar Commission is interested in your experience of how you are supported to maintain your physical health and how you have been cared for in hospital. 
This survey is for people who have a diagnosis of bipolar. If you are not living with bipolar or have not received a formal diagnosis then please do not complete this survey (unless you are completing it with or on behalf of someone who has bipolar).
The survey takes 30 minutes to complete so grab a cup of tea or coffee and take your time with the responses.
The findings will be used to advocate for better care for people who live with bipolar. All results are anonymised.
TRIGGER WARNING: This survey includes sensitive questions about your experiences of bipolar.  If you need details of crisis services please see our website:
If you need urgent care please call 999. For non-urgent support please call NHS 111.