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Covid-19 vaccine reluctance, concerns, and scam alerts

23 March 2021

The NHS Covid-19 vaccination programme is well under way.  Residents will be contacted by the NHS and called to a vaccination centre according to their priority.  Don't contact the NHS, they will contact you.  The NHS have issued a warning poster of some scams in relation to the programme.

The full recording of the recent London Bangladeshi Community Information webinar can be viewed on Youtube.
Camden Council have information in other languages and formats.

Here are some useful resources to help overcome vaccine reluctance: 
BAME celebrities call out vaccine misinformation
Call-to-action: vaccine roll-out priorities’ from Runnymede Trust
Easy read guide to vaccinations (and other Covid related guides)
British Islamic Medical Association Covid-19 Answering the Myths
National Institute for Health Research COVID and Me Vaccine Dramas (Including one story on family influence on attitudes in Urdu, Bengali and Punjabi)