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Resources for Veterans and Carers

12 October 2020
A granddaughter of a veteran has put together a useful guide of resources for veterans struggling mentally and financially.
Some of the topics included are:
Help for Veterans with Mental Health Conditions
It is possible that a military veteran will experience issues with their mental health. One in five veterans are believed to suffer from mental health difficulties, most commonly depression, anxiety or alcohol dependency. Servicepeople that see combat are likeliest to experience difficulty later in life. Help is at hand for any veteran that needs it. Never delay in seeking advice and support if you or a loved one are struggling with mental health concerns following military service. The experiences of military life can take their toll on anybody, and the culture shock of adjusting to civilian life may take time.
Substance Addiction
The adjustment to civilian life is very challenging for many veterans. The rate of addiction to drugs and alcohol is higher in veterans than the general population. This can be due to the addition to prescription drugs, such as pain relief following injury in service, and self-medication to cope with PTSD. If you or a family member are struggling with substance addiction, you are not alone. Never hesitate to seek help for substance addiction. This is an illness, just like any other. If you broke your leg, you would wear a cast. In this instance, the treatment is just a little different. A veteran-specific program is likelier to yield success due to an understanding of the unique circumstances.
Help for Carers of Injured Veterans
Naturally, it is not just injured veterans that need assistance. Loved ones may need to become full-time carers – and, in this case, they’ll need support too. If you are the carer of an injured military veteran, do not neglect your own needs. If you burn out, you will not be able to help any further.


For resources and more information please click here.