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Survey for LGBT+ survivors and victims of sexual violence

18 May 2020
There has never been comprehensive research into LGBT+ people’s experience of sexual violence across the UK.
Until now.
We want to ensure that voices of all victims and survivors in our community are included and represented, and are especially keen to hear more from Black, Asian, Arab, Latinx & Roma queer survivors.
If you are an LGBT+ survivor of sexual violence, please consider filling in the survey to help us understand its impact, and support us in shaping future services.
We know that filling in the survey will not be easy and doing so may bring up difficult thoughts and feelings, so we have put together some support resources that are accessible throughout the survey as you answer it.
All responses are confidential and anonymous. We cannot collect any identifying details about you from the survey. The responses will be aggregated, safely stored, and then deleted once the research is completed.