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Have your say in Camden health and care

17 February 2020
A Citizens' Assembly is being held in Camden and will focus on what Camden residents want for the future of health and care in the borough and what they think the priorities should be. 
They want to hear from as many people across the borough as possible and are inviting you to share your own experience of health and care in Camden and what your priorities are for the future. 
Citizens’ Assemblies are a way to give power back to Camden's citizens as they give them a chance to have their say on the decisions that are taken on issues that affect them. A Citizens’ Assembly is made up of a group of citizens who are invited to discuss a particular issue (or set of issues) and then make recommendations which they present to Councillors who then make the decisions based on these outcomes. 
The assembly members are given the information they need to make their recommendations and they have the opportunity to learn from experts. The group of citizens is representative of the general population as Councillors need to make their decisions based on what the whole of the population think and want around the issue(s) at stake.  
To find out more about citizens assemblies and how they relate to Camden, click here.