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Green prescription: growing plants for wellbeing, four sessions in person

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many events listed on this website are likely to be cancelled. Please contact specific event organisers for up to date information on whether or not the event will go ahead.

Gardening is a source of relaxation, comfort and enjoyment for many people. A connection with plants and the environment can help people on a natural route to wellbeing, improving their quality of life, sense of achievement and community belonging.
On this course, we will explore how gardening can give us something to look forward to and how it helps to build resilience.
Through learning practical tips and skills for gardening, we aim to create something new to celebrate in our lives.
Gardening gives us the valuable understanding that life goes on, and that even if it’s not how you’d planned, you can still make it work.
This course also provides a safe space to take risks and to learn from your efforts. If a plant fails, you find out why and try again. The course aims to provide opportunities for people to connect to their environment and to their community.
Event time 
Repeats every week 4 times.
Jun 30th