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Tree of life

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many events listed on this website are likely to be cancelled. Please contact specific event organisers for up to date information on whether or not the event will go ahead.

The ‘Tree of life’ uses the metaphor of a tree to explore the strengths and resources we use throughout our life’s journey. Each part of the tree indicates a part of our story; the roots signify where we have come from, the trunk represents our values and strengths, the branches are our hopes and dreams, the leaves, significant people in our lives and the fruit and flowers, gifts we have given to and received from others.
We hope that having the time to reflect on and discuss these different parts of our life story will help you identify people and experiences you value, as well as noticing strengths and talents you may have previously overlooked. This course can be a space to think about the directions in which you would like your life to move.
Event time 
Repeats every week 2 times.